“Irish Coins” successfully gain Kickstarter goal with the video!

Irish Myth & Legend Coins designed in Ireland, for those who wish to hold a tangible connection to the spirit of this ancient land.The goal for this campaign is to bring to investment at least $3000 during 2 month. Mainly for the production and distribution. And also to run up marketing for a separate commercial campaigns.

The main process of the video production was required additional research for the story of the Irish Myths, legends and history. 

Our decision was to choose traditional Celtic and Irish landmarks and time-lapse footages and make prominent story with animated Irish Symbols and Overlays.

The main objective is convey atmosphere of the old Island and a story Legendary Characters Lugh and Balor and bring emotional fill from the first second to the end of composition!

A few days we stalling with right selection of the Live Action Footages with Landscapes and architecture.

Then we proceed to creating animated symbols and light reflections.

In this case we have used a few plugins in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro to make light movement from each shape to the symbolic text.

With Old Celtic Violin and Irish Landscape we tried to convey an authentic atmosphere that will create an emotional connection with the audience. And it will also give motivation fill to support this project!

After publishing this video on Kickstarter for the first week of bickering they pledget around $500. Within next 3 weeks the close their score with $3035. And with the great feedbacks from they first customers!

So happy to see successful story from our clients! And we wishing all the best to Mark and his team in the next projects on Kickstarter!