We Will Create Your Crowdfunding Video!

Spread The Word About Your Kickstarter Project!

Your Kickstarter video is literally the most important aspect of your Kickstarter campaign page.

Projects with videos successfully funded at a much higher rate–50% with videos vs. 30% without.

Page video is the first thing most people will see before they decide to back your project. 

In short, before embarking on your project, it may make sense to work with a creative and content team to develop something distinctive. 

Step 1 – Contact our team and tell the key points from your Project pitch;

Step 2 – If you have and footages, you can send us for review;

Step 3 – After checking we will send you our quote with all stages of your video;

Step 4 – We will provide detailed customer support each day of our project.

Stand out among the crowd with an awesome video!

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