Just imagine you are planning on buying a new cosmetics online. You find one that exactly fits your budget and has all the specification you desire. 

 But, it is from a brand that you don’t know. Other than searching for reviews, how will you find out more about the product and the company selling it?

What if you get a video to see the product in action? Wouldn’t it be amazing? That’s where ecommerce videos come into play.

Whether you’re a startup, just planning to enter in the e-commerce business or an e-commerce juggernaut wanting to expand your business, you must leverage the benefits of e-commerce product videos to attract new people to your offerings, give them enough confidence in your brand, and convince them to choose you over the competition.

Stats show that leveraging ecommerce videos is a ground-breaking strategy to grow and promote your business online.

More buyers are connecting with videos today than ever before. So, it’s necessary to lift and increase your online video marketing to connect with your target audience.

The following are the three main purposes of a product video:

  • Increase revenues by increasing the average number of orders per customer;
  • Increase conversion rates by helping individuals understand the product with the most ideal data;
  • Draw in new clients by offering valuable content that satisfies their necessities.

Why Ecommerce Videos Increase Sales?

90% of customers say that videos of the products help them in making purchase decisions, 64% of people are more likely to purchase a product on web after watching a video and 50% of the decision makers like to see the video than reading an article or blog post on services they are going to hire or products they want to buy (Forbes)!

Video builds trust on e-commerce sites!

If you’ve recently launched an ecommerce store, adding a product video to your advertising strategy is an awesome method to build customer trust in your product and brand. Even if you’re a known and established brand, making a video for a new product can enable your customers to familiarize them with your collection.

Buyers know that words and pictures can be misleading, and will probably confide in an organization willing to show their product in real life and from all edges with a video.

Mobile users are more attracted to videos!

Mobile and videos is a perfect match. 90% of buyers watch videos on their mobile phone. YouTube says that mobile video utilization rises 100% every year. Since individuals love to watch videos while working, on the go and the quantity of mobile phone users is increasing, video audience continues getting bigger and bigger.

Video is a great opportunity!

Ecommerce videos are the best and the most well-known type of content that will remain longer.

A video is one of the perfect ways to come closer to your audience and provide them with a real-life experience.

Video effortlessly passes on what you and your business is about, and what your customers or end-clients say in regards to you.

All you require is to think beyond your advantages and product with regards to making the video really useful. The more they will know about your positive practices, the more probable they will be to stick around your product/brand.

At Povidom we can help you create leads stream to your product on Amazon or E-commerce Store.

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