What We Do:

Color Correction and footage enhancements.

We will help you create amazing video that will attract your audience!  

If you are starting your film project and need reliable assistance in post-production, title sequence design and motion graphics, we here to help you.

We take your raw footage and assets and will edit it into a polished piece as specified by your needs.

You will receive a high quality format you desire, optimized for web or broadcast, depending on your needs.

All video editing projects are priced per job, not per hour. This allows for exact budgeting every time.

What we do:

Editing services:

  1. Trim damaged frames;
  2. Insert video effects, transitions;
  3. Color Correction and Grading;
  4. Creating Intro and Outro;
  5. Motion Graphics / VFX;
  6. Adding Titles and Closed Captions;
  7. Green Screen Edits; 
  8. Format Conversion;
  9. Camera shake removes;
  10. Reducing noise grain;
  11. Adding Voice Over and Sound Effects;
  12. Royalty free music as background to your video.

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