For whatever your project entails, we’ll make sure it ends up looking professional, polished, and unique. 

We take your raw footage and assets and will edit it into a polished piece as specified by your needs. We can add titles, visual effects, music, and voice over.

 You will receive  a high – quality format you desire, optimized for web or broadcast, depending on your needs.

What we do:

  • Video production and  video editing services,
  • Real Estate video,
  • Fundraising videos,
  • Event videos,
  • GoPro footage editing,
  • Music videos,
  • Slideshow and HD Compilations,
  • Commercials

Editing services:

  1. Trim damaged frames;
  2. Insert video effects, transitions;
  3. Color Correction and Grading;
  4. Creating Intro and Outro;
  5. Motion Graphics / VFX;
  6. Adding Titles and Closed Captions;
  7. Green Screen Edits; 
  8. Format Conversion;
  9. Camera shake removes;
  10. Reducing noise grain;
  11. Adding Voice Over and Sound Effects;
  12. Royalty free music as background to your video.

Talk to us about your video needs and we’ll create a quote to suit your goals and budget.

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