Most frequently asked questions to our team!

How much does a video production cost?

It all depends on the scope of the video: filming location, subject matter, actors & voice-over needed, special effects, whether you need it integrated into your website and other factors. We can say that because of our lean production methods, we will deliver a professional video of higher quality at a lower cost than our competitors. Get your quote today!

Will I need actors or someone to do a voice-over?

We can hire actors and help coach the people being interviewed from your company or customer base. We can provide professional voice-over to complete your production!

Why would I spend thousands of dollars on a video I’ll probably only use a couple of times?

Don’t be mistaken; your video can continue to pay dividends long after it has served its initial purpose. We have a great number of ways of doing more with your video. To name a few, you can post it on your website, broadcast it, hand it out on a thumb drive, update it with new information or even create an online quiz to accompany it visit our main page for more ideas on how to stretch your investment.

How involved can I get?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your video production. We involve you every step of the way from script to screen – you can be as involved as you like.

How long will it take to complete my custom video project?

Your video can be completed to your satisfaction as quickly as you need it. At the start of the project we determine deadlines with you to ensure we stay on track. Contact us for more information and start today!

Can you put my video onto my webpage?

Yes! We want your video to benefit your business for months and years to come! To do that, we can seamlessly integrate high quality, fast download video in a custom web video player. Use your professional video to turn website visitors into customers – 24 hours a day.

I have a tight deadline…how fast can Povidom Group make me a video?

We can create a high quality production in just eight days. Need it sooner? Contact us to find out more and to schedule your shoot!

What happens if I need more shooting/editing time?

We can always accommodate your needs! We can schedule extra days for editing or shooting.