Ernst & Young – global audit and consulting company that provides audit, consulting, tax, business risk, technology and security risk services worldwide.

They decided to launch a new digital products to enhance digital audit processes inside the company. They asked us to help them with creating several onboarding videos to represent their digital products.

The main requirements are to create 3 minutes onboarding video for EY (based on the script) that showcases product capabilities and main benefits to stakeholders.


Showcase in a clear, visible manner how each digital product improves the internal audit system and fosters investor confidence.


Ideation for the concept that will help better convey the concept and give clear understanding of the product benefits. Choosing right visual sequence with the right rhythm.


  1. Overview of the raw footage and initial script analysis;
  2. Choosing video editing techniques used to meet the project requirements;
  3. Applying several video editing techniques in Adobe Premiere to enhance the color;
  4. Creating animation of the logo EY and digital slides with infographics;
  5. Discussion of the changes faced during the editing process and how they could improve the video;
  6. Check the audio files and choosing the right track for the video composition;
  7. Choose royalty free music for the main audio and assembling with the footages and voice over;
  8. Showcasing the final onboarding video for EY product and how it addresses the main benefits.


After a video presentation, both digital products were successfully deployed for EY. Positive comments were given to both films by EY stakeholders.


Company page https://www.ey.com/en_in/newsroom

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