FirstPoint – Mobile & IoT Cellular Cyber Security Software Solutions


FirstPoint Mobile Guard” develops cellular cybersecurity solutions for organizations. Company offers military-grade protection for high-threat groups and scenarios using a SIM or eSIM (e.g. mobile phones, IoT devices, gateways, Mi-Fi routers, etc.) without installing any software or special hardware on the device. FirstPoint detects, alerts, and protects, providing management per device and tools for deception.


Create a company promotional video that will increase customer attention to the software product. Showcasing high-end cybersecurity capabilities and offering a solution with transparent and clear to the user!

Strategy-Driven Solution

FirstPoint secured CMP protects any cellular IoT devices, reduces costs, and boosts operational efficiency of scale while continuously monitoring, analyzing, and managing the connectivity.

For the format we have chosen 30-45 seconds – filmed in “business/office” settings – including voice over – including on-screen text popups and live footages (syber security, IoT, mobile app technologies, cellular connectivity).

Main features:

  1. 360o cellular cyber security;
  2. Protection for any mobile phone or cellular IoT device, cars, modems: any make, model, version or OS – even while roaming;
  3. One-dashboard management: per-device profiles;
  4. Hassle-free, safe experience: simple implementation, no installation, no slowdowns, no battery/performance hits.


FirstPoint Mobile Guard, by implementing short video ad in media campaign, they increased conversion on the main website and bring more attention to their product.