The Airlock 2FA app offers simple and secure two-factor authentication and transaction approval using iOS or Android device.


 Airlock 2FA team needed to find a better way to introduce new potential users of the app in a way that showcased its functionality and use cases. They wanted to make sure that everyone has a seamless and smooth experience using the application. And help better engage with customers and prospective customers by making valuable financial information via tutorial videos.


Strategy-Driven Solution

The Airlock 2FA app provides simple and secure two-factor authentication and transaction approval using your smartphone.

The app can only be used with websites that integrate with Airlock IAM as an authentication solution. The credentials from the website or an activation letter from the service provider (e.g., bank or insurance company) are required to use the app.

One of the main challenges is to showcase product functionality in a simple way with several features.

We created 7 tutorial videos that showcasing:

  • Easy Onboarding;
  • Easy Migration;
  • One-Touch;
  • Transaction approval;
  • Passwordless;
  • Offline QR-Code;
  • Social Login;


Airlock 2FA achieved more than 100.000 downloads only on GooglePlay and Apple Store.

Implementation tutorial videos with the right marketing strategy have helped company increase product engagement via major marketplaces and created a seamless customer journey over the product.


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