A new action-drama film called “Secret Society 2: Never Enough,” produced by Miasha Productions, tells the story of a “fortune hunter” who has been ditched out and all the high-fashion, high drama that goes with with her rise to young Hollywood’s ranks.

: CASE STUDY: Film “Secret Society 2″


The primary objective was to produce visual effects and animation for the trailer and title sequence. It might serve as a great attention-getter and provide a stunning image for the main action of the movie.


The key challenge was choosing relevant visual effects that would appeal to the film’s primary audience.


While working on the project, we carried out research on audience patterns and top preferences for movies about celebrities. Сrucial sources “Hollywood reporter” and “Variety”.
We came up with the conclusion that neon signage is more popular. They are more relevant and can be discovered in promotional brochures. Although, “neon effect” is highly popular among the young audience in Tik-Tok, according to the most recent threads. And it’s applied to make announcements or draw attention to events.


Over the next 3 months “Secret Society 2: Never Enough” have reached 2800 positive reviews on Amazon Prime!