How does the real estate brand could stand out in one of the most competitive industry?

According to the National Associations of Realtors 2018 Technology survey, about 38 percent of agents reported using videos in their marketing.

Video is effective for both buyers and sellers.

  • 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses tutorial video.
  • Homes with video receive four times the number of inquiries as those without video.
  • Video in emails doubles click-through rates and cuts opt-outs by 75%.


Search for homes and apartments for rent in Chicago has been expanded by the real estate website HuntChicago.com. The website offers the best luxury rentals in Chicago area.


Provide the audience with a video tour on the HuntChicago website.


Understanding the key factor of engagement for the target audience that motivates them to watch the entire video. Provide effective visual message that showcase “easy to use” of the property selection.


To ensure the highest quality of video and avoid editorial issues / revisions, Povidom team has taken the following steps:

  • Making target audience research and provide to the client examples of successful video campaigns;
  • Create screencast animation that showcases the website usability;
  • Creating the script for voice over;
  • Recording voice over and provide royalty free music that perfectly matched with narration;
  • Provide the first draft of the video with the company presentation and screen recording;
  • After few changes we provided a final composition that represents company values and the main website.


After several months from uploading tutorial video to YouTube, the website conversion rate was extremely strong, and the firm received additional good evaluations on Zillow.com.



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